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I thought this would be easy

Hello everyone
Age 17, never had sex
So I recently became the proud owner of a small Yuuki. But I have been having some trouble with insertion, no matter what I do I can't get my cup in. Between my cup snapping open suddenly and painfully whenever I get it more than the barest edge  in. And what may or may not be my hymen, a slug shaped peice of flesh attched to the top of my vagina directly after my vaginal opening that is thick, immovable, and sometimes painful. (I previously thought myself one of the lucky ones born without a hymen.) I tried lubricationg with water to no avail and I have tried a few diffrent folds. I already read the all important entry on cup use and virginity, but I found nothing there I haven't already tried (I still haven't found my cervix yet, I must have a pretty long vagina.) I tried relaxing, reading romance novels, changing positions, and anything else on this site I could find and I am still lost. Please help

Edit: Thanks to all the wonderful links that have been provided by you guys I have gotten a little farther in my quest. From what I can tell my "vagina slug" is definetly not a hymen, I am now totally sure I have never had a hymen. But I am still at a loss as for what it is. I am kinda thinking it might be my urethra and my urethral metus, I know those things are supposed to be outside your vaginal orfice. But in all my many examinations of my vulva I have never been able to find my urethra, so maybe I finally found it. The only problem is that it takes up quite alot of space and almost totally blocks my vagina. When looking at it I am astonished that I was ever able to get anything up there. I will try to insert my cup only when on my period and try streching in the meantime. But I'm alittle bit apprehensive about weather or not that will do anyting. Thank you all very much for your advice.
Tags: first time use, hymen, insertion - painful or problems, teething troubles, virginity, yuuki

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