MamaCrunch (mamacrunch) wrote in menstrual_cups,

*Happy Dance*

Guess who started their period early?! :D I have never been happier to see that red wipe!! :) For those who didn't read in my previous posts, I am going to an indoor water park the 21st through the 24th and I was due to start on the 18th!! (I have fairly long rather heavy periods, normally for me, my first day is light, then 3 days that are super heavy, then about 2-3 light days and a day or two of spotting) Never having tried my cup before, I really didn't want my learning curve in a public place wearing a bathing suit!! LOL Plus, I have been hanging on to this cup for like 2 weeks with nothing but a dry run and I have been DYING for the real test!!!

I have been wearing the cup for over 2 hours (on a fairly heavy flow for day 1, I totally skipped my normal spotting and dove into this one head first!!) , and I have a liner in for backup and it's totally pure white! Not even a drop on it! :) I am comfortable, don't feel anything really, I can pee fine, and I THINK it's in there pretty good and fully open and everything! :) I did have some red when I wiped, but I think that was just what was already a mess past the cup when I put it in, it wasn't much at all.
Is it possible that I totally skipped the dreaded learning curve AND picked the right cup on the first try?! :) That would make me SO incredibly happy! LOL

And long story, but I actually ended up with 2 of the exact same cup... so I REALLY hope it works out, but if for some reason I end up wanting to try something new, I have a couple friends who want to try cups, but are super skeptical and don't want to spend the money if it won't work, so I figure it can't hurt to let them try it out first! So I'm keeping that one new in the box unless I absolutely need it, until I figure things out a bit better.
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