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Finding the right cup

My name is Tal, I'm a 16 years old girl from Israel.
After running into some info on cups on the internet, I decided I would like to try one. The IrisCup is sold at a nature store near my home, so I bought it and really liked it. It made my period, who I guess is medium to heavy, so much easier.
It was easy to insert (well, after I have found the hole...) and easy to remove. Came with hebrew instructions, which made is nicer (:
But, I don't think it's the perfect cup for me. It leaks, and yes - I have read all the tips and always make sure it's open and forms a seal. at night, it can go up and leak, and I would like to buy another cup.
Even if The IrisCup turns out to be good after a while, I would still like to have another one.

Since the MoonCup UK is sold in Israel, it seemed to be the natural choice - and then I thought... if I'm ordering it anyway... I could get any cup I wanted! *____*
Well, any cup that would ship to israel...

Here are the facts:
-16 years old, virgin. 
-Medium flow, prefers a good capacity.
-the softer the better - not afraid to poke around
-the color does not matter
any suggestions?

This community has helped me so much. Without you I wouldn't have done the change. 
So thanks in advance, and Shalom from Israel (;
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