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milton sterilising tablets help??

Hi everyone, I know some of this has been asked before but I'm thinking of using Milton sterilising tablets to clean my silicone cup once a month, as boiling is not really an option any more. I was sent one as a sample when I bought my cup and I have a few questions.

The sample I got said to use 1/8th of a tablet in 1 cup of water, but after reading on here it seems like if you should use 1 tablet in 5 litres then it should be 1/8th in 625ml, which is about 2 and a bit cups. So should I be using more like 1/16th in a cup?How much do others use?

The sample I got said to leave the cup in the water for 15mins and not longer than 30. Is this right and will it cause the cup any harm if its left for longer? I saw some people saying they leave the cup in for much longer, but I can find very little about it.

Finally I wanted to know if anyone knew what Milton sterilising tablets are actually made of as where I live they don't actually sell them in the shops, so I was wondering if just supermarket brand sterilising tablets would work the same if they have the same ingredients? I got a bit confused as in some places it says they contain sodium dichloroisocyanurate 500mg and in others it says sodium dichloroisocyanutate 800mg (-utate at the end, not -urate). But if anyone knows this, or just whether other sterilising tablets would be safe I'd appreciate it because I'd prefer not to buy  them online, thanks.

Oh also does it help remove stains?thanks
Tags: buying decisions, cleaning, cleaning - stains, cleaning - sterilising solution, dorms
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