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Lunette Review and Pictures :)

Hello all :) I've been using my lunette cup for awhile, so I decided to write up a review on it and take some pictures. It's on my blog, sort of a mish mash of cup reviews, menstrual cup information, and related topics.

I think my lunette is so much more comfortable than my divacup for some reason... but it doesn't have as much capacity. So I am tempted to get the large size in the green or the purple that's coming out. Any word on when the new colors will be available? :)

Also, the other day my article about how to use instead softcups was featured on wikiHow. I got some comments that it seemed like an advertisement... which I guess it kind of does in the intro, but it's mainly an instruction page on how to use insteads, and I don't work for that company! LOL :) But anyways then someone went as far as to say there were similar products in other countries. I didn't think there was anything else similar to the instead. Has anyone heard of any brands? Here is the discussion page for the how-to, which got some... interesting comments:

I also added a new post about the pros and cons of using a menstrual cup :)
Tags: lunette, lunette selene, success stories

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