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Leakage with Keeper Moon Cup

Hi everybody!

I've been looking through some older posts, trying to find the answer to my problem, but maybe I just need to switch cups. I'm hoping someone can help me...

I'm 28, sexually active, no children. I bought the Keeper Moon Cup (USA) size B 4 months ago and have been using it since. The first month while I had some problems, I was sometimes able to get a strong seal-so much so that I thought I'd never get it out!

But since then, I don't know why, I cannot seem to get it to seal and it leaks even when it's not full. I've tried different folding methods, I've inserted it and then checked it all around for dents (it seems fully open), checked that the holes aren't clogged, tried inserted it initially lower down, then higher up, have pinched the base while giving it a twist (which supposedly helps creates a seal), all to no avail. I can pull the cup out just by the stem, without having to pinch the base. However, the cup does not slide down, it normally ends up higher up than where I had initially placed it.

Do I need a bigger cup? Or just a different cup altogether? It seems, from reading other posts, that more Mooncup users have had problems with leakage than others. I'm just confused as to why at one point I was able to get a seal and now I'm not anymore. Thanks in advance for the help!
Tags: leakage & spotting, seal & suction

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