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high cervix, vasovagal reactions, choosing a cup, oh my!

Hello everyone! I've had in mind for a long time that I'd eventually like to get a cup, and just started thinking that maybe now's the time to take the plunge. (The fairly sizable tax refund I got didn't hurt!)

I've got a couple specific questions regarding high cervixes (cervices?) and vasovagal reactions, plus the standard, done-to-death "how do I choose a cup?!"

Firstly, I've got a really high cervix. I can't reach it even squatting down while on my period. So I'm really worried about a cup sitting so high that I have trouble getting it back out. Especially since I'm also pretty tight at the opening/hymen, so I can't really get two fingers in there to be able to grab it. Should I just forget about this until/unless I can fit two fingers, or do I have any chance of being able to somehow get it out with just one? I'm having a hard time envisioning how I'll be able to pull it out if I can only fit one finger in there and it sits so high that basically all I can do is poke it ineffectually.

Next up...does anyone have any experience with vasovagal syncope? I've passed out from vasovagal responses many times in my life, although it happened much more often when I was younger. And I did once have a vasovagal response and pass out when I was trying to insert a tampon. Waking up naked and bloody on the bathroom floor was NOT fun and as you can imagine it was a while after that before I worked up the nerve to try tampons again! So I'm worried about the same thing happening with a cup. Has anyone had that happen to them? Or is there anyone who's had vasovagal responses (especially vaginally triggered ones!) but still managed to use a menstrual cup without a problem?

And lastly...well, the question I'm sure you're all sick to death of answering. How to choose a cup? I've poked around the memories and comparison charts and stuff here quite a bit, but honestly it's like there are so many variables it's just overwhelming. And a lot of the variables don't mean a whole lot with no basis for comparison. If I had a cup and knew I wanted a shorter one (or squishier, narrower, whatever!) it'd be easier, but when I'm just starting out it's like I have no idea where to go.

So here's some potentially relevant info. My cervix is very high, as I mentioned, so I guess that means I should look for a longer cup. I'm 24. Still a virgin, although most likely that will be changing soon enough that I'm not sure I want to choose a cup on that basis. But at least for now, I'm fairly tight at the opening, so probably a narrower cup is my best bet. I can fit one finger in just fine, but two fingers is still a stretch - literally! My flow isn't too heavy so capacity is not a big issue - I just started HBC so my periods are subject to change right now, but I assume if anything they'll only get lighter. I really have no idea what to prefer as far as squishiness goes. I really like the looks of the ball-stem cups; they seem like they'd be more comfortable, but of course that's just speculation. Plus as I mentioned I'm worried about being able to reach it to get it back out, so I don't know if a ball-stem might be harder to reach?

I suspect one of the biggest factors for me is going to be the ease of purchasing. I'm in the US and feel like I would much prefer to be able to just order one with a credit card, so I think that rules out a lot of the international companies. (Of course, being able to buy one in person in a store would be awesome, but I don't think I have any chance at that!) I'm finding myself really tempted to just buy a Diva or a Lunette because they're the established, reputable brands. So I guess what I'm wondering I doing myself a disservice by choosing one of them? I keep feeling so tempted to buy a Lunette and I'm worried that I'm being dumb and not thinking it through and that I should be buying a longer one or something. I don't know!

Phew. That was long. Thanks so much to anyone who actually got through any of that! And I'm sorry for rambling and especially sorry for asking yet another "what cup should I buy?" type question. I'm much appreciative of any advice - or encouragement! So worried that I'll finally make the decision to buy one, spend the money, and then not be able to get it in. Or not be able to get it out!
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