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I got my Lunette! :)

Just got my wonderful Large Lunette Diana today! I've been fiddling with it for a while now (can't put it down! LOL) I think I am ridiculously excited about this! LOL I have been practicing all the folds and I haven't boiled it yet, so have yet to take it for a dry run, but I think the punch down and 7 fold seem most promising for me. I can't wait to try it! :) Since I can't reach my cervix and my husband can (barely), I have requested he monitor my cervix through out my cycle, especially through my period, while he is not thrilled about doing it while I'm a mess LOL he has agreed to it, so I'm excited to learn a lot more about my body, and hopefully soon, give away my remaining pads and tampons (with a confident 'I don't need these anymore... ever... LOL' and a 'you should give this some thought' speech I'm sure) and never buy them again!! :) I love my cup already!! :)  

I do have to say though, I thought it would be bigger... I got the large one and I actually had to measure it because I SWORE it was the small, I can't believe this is the large!! LOL I think it looks so tiny!  :P I thought it would look huge at first, but now I just hope it doesn't fall out when it's full like tampons do when they're saturated! LOL

On another fabulous note... I have nothing but WONDERFUL things to say about Lunette and their products and especially their customer service! I sent them a note saying I received my order, but just wanted to let them note that the wash I bought did leak slightly and I just suggested that they might want to look into a more secure way to package them for shipping to avoid this in the future, but noted there was minimal loss and never once did I ask for any compensation, I used to ship live shrimp/fish/plants, I know leaks happen. Within 10 minutes of me sending this note, not only did I get a nice note back saying not only were they sorry that I got a leaky bottle, but they would replace it, and immediately after that I got a shipping confirmation for my new bottle of wash, shipped priority with tracking! :D I REALLY hope this cup works out for me, because I would LOVE to say I am an Lunette customer for LIFE!!! :)
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