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Cup love

Each period I realise how much I love, and rely on my cup and I have decided it is time to tell everyone how much it means to me. I have been using a lilac LadyCup for about a year and a half now and I could not cope without it.
My period has always been irregular and during November, December and January there were only 3, one week patches when I wasn't bleeding, therefore I almost constantly use my cup.
In January I went on a camping trip which included hot pools, hydroslides, horse riding and bush walks. I had my period for the whole trip but didn't once have a leak!!!
On February the 11th I had a laparoscopy and hysteroscopy to diagnose and treat endometriosis. The endo was a lot worse than the gyno had thought and I will need another surgery to relocate my ovaries and clean up from the last surgery. My first period after the surgery was my heaviest and most painful yet but was bearable because of my cup.
On February 22nd we had a 6.3 earthquake that was devestating for the city. Many people lost their lives and many more lost houses, and workplaces. Since then (almost 6 weeks) the city has been declared a national state of emergency. Drinking water has to be boiled and many house holds are still using portaloos or chemical toilets. I am lucky enough to have a working toilet, but for the first week after the quake I had to cope with my period while using a plastic bag, or the garden for toileting purposes. I felt so grateful during this time that unlike my sisters, I use a menstrual cup and can usually last 12 hours before needing to empty.
My next challenge will be a mirena IUD that is being inserted during my surgery next month. I am sure that I will be checking out the IUD posts on this com. because there is no way that I am giving up my cup.
Tags: coloured lady cups, continuous use, endometriosis, iud, lady cup, success stories

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