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First off let me tell you how much I love my fleurcup! I am on day three of my cycle. I've had these 'weird' problems.
My second day [usually my heaviest] I felt the cup in my rectum(was it too low, or was it my cervix that i felt the weirdness pain?). I am not sure if it was an user error or what...or how low my cervix was positioned yesterday.
Today, I've had no problems whatsoever except the 'popping' open part and getting a good suction.
I went to pick up my son and I had a "Queef" per se. I don't know if it broke the suction or popped open officially. I also experienced light leaking when this occurred or right before it did. I use the c-fold..
I've tried the cold water but then the cup isn't pliable to opening up at all and I cannot fold it!
Also, how far is too far? How do you KNOW when you're cupping your cervix? It's a weird question but I cannot find it 'myself' I've tried and I just cannot get it but when I am on my period and I used to use tampons i'd jab it and wince. With my cup...I really cannot figure out how deep it should be.
How do I judge this?

Omg..I feel like a preteen figure out her body. This is such a new and wonderful experience!
Tags: cervix position, popping open, seal & suction

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