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2nd period with my cup: my experience and my doubts

Hi, I'm new to this community so please tell me if I'm doing something wrong :)
Hi to all, I find this community very friendly and really useful so I decided to post to start some dialogue with cup users :)
I'm quite new to the cup: as this is the second period I'm using an old meluna cup, the first time I tried the medium one, but it just didn't work and the leakage was huge.
This time I tried to follow the indications I found in this forum( that's really amazing) and I tried out the large one.
The first day everything was ok, I inserted it, I checked that my cervix was well positioned inside the cup and no leakage at all: I had something between spotting and a light flow. Yesterday was my second day and I found leakeage :(
The cup is always half way full when I find it and every time I put it in after max two hours it starts leaking... I guess it is an heavy flow and my belly is hurting all day long.
Today, 3rd day, I put on the cup at 10 and at 11,3 it was already half way full.
I'm gonna update my situation :)
I was asking myself if I mught try something different from meluna, maybe a bigger cup or a softer one... I guess I'm quite confused and I want to make it work so hard! :))

update: it is leaking and now I'm sure it's now overflowing, it's just a stupid leaking issue that I cannot understand. Everytime I put it on I check two times my cervix is in the irght position, I really cannot understand what's happening.
Tags: insertion, leakage & spotting, meluna

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