mommy2boox2 (mommy2boox2) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Spreading the cup word--how many people have you told?

I'm really curious about this--how many people do you think you've told about cups?

I was counting up my "numbers" today following another cup-versation and here's the rundown:

Sister-in-law, 5 female coworkers, a work friend, a "regular" friend, lots of moms on an infertility website I belong to (not able to track those numbers) and maybe one or two others.  And my spouse.

Still haven't approached my mom about it (she had a hysterectomy 20 years ago so it wouldn't be of use and it's not something we ever would discuss--she'd be SO uncomfortable!) and don't have many other female family members.

I'm finding that it gets easier to talk about it the more I do it. 

Tags: activism, family & friends
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