pandasaresexy (pandasaresexy) wrote in menstrual_cups,

cups for virgins

  Well...i feel kind of embarassed posting this LOL,
but i'm 13..& i bought mahself a ladycup! haha [:

i've gotten it wet with water, and it seems REALLY slippery. i'll try the toilet paper drying trick. o:
well i'm kinda scared to put it in -__-
i've never used tampons, however i can manage to get a finger in.
i can tell my hymen is still there..i dont know if it will fit! ahh D:

like literally wont fit. i know people say your hymen stretches, but i don't think i'll be able to get it IN for it to stretch my hymen!
& for removal, when you take it out, do you take it out while its fully opened? DOESN'T THAT HURT?! >.<

man i'm sorry. im really freaked. LOL
i think my cervix is high up on my period..and i know the ladycup is the what if i cant reach it?! D;
man please help me. xD
im going to be asking a lot of questions. lol.

please help! i really want to prove to my mother that menstrual cups AREN'T what she really thinks they are. [she doesnt like them -__-]
Tags: first time use, virginity
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