kitsunenomizu (kitsunenomizu) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Received My Russian CupLee cup

I received the Cuplee on the 25th but my internet hasn't been liking me the last couple of nights. Anyway, I am going to be leaving the reviewing and such to someone else. She will be receiving hers soon. However, i will say that even though it is the large size it does not have the same capacity as the large lunette as it does not hold as much liquid to the holes. The Cuplee is much shinier than the lunette (diana). My Cuplee is very squishy. Not a great judge of squishiness comparison so i will just leave it at that. I will attempt to answer any questions anyone has. :-)


Ok. so i think I made a cut. :/ If not I will retry.
Tags: brand comparisons, cup lee, diagrams & pictures, lunette
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