chch_gal (chch_gal) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Cup a Godsend in CHCH!

I have been wanting to get a cup for a long time - but never got around to it. With two preschoolers I have plenty of things on my "to buy" list and usually things for myself are right at the bottom.

Then my motivation came - an earthquake! We've had a 7.1m quake (6months ago) and just last month a 6.3. The latest one has destroyed much of our city's sewerage, power has been off and water is contaminated.

Thankfully we have power now, and our water is running, though it is unsafe. We are using a chemical toilet (like th eones you use for camping) and you aren't allowed to put tampons in them. So if I were to use tampons I'd have to throw them in the bin, blergh!

A local business person who sells cups ( offered lots of free cups to Christchurch people, so I purchased one off her (as my financial situation was OK, compared to many others).

It's been SO great to use! I think I will purchase a different one though. I have a Med Classic Meluna which I find I need to empty too often on my heavy days (every hour or so), so I think I'll get a fleurcup.

It's hard to drive anywhere here, so getting tampons or pads in a pinch is really hard and we're supposed to stay off the badly damaged roads. I'm loving not having to worry about supplies (other than water, hand sanitiser and other stuff ;) ).

Any other Christchurch people on here?
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