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Hey everyone!

I'm 20, and just made the switch from pads to cups. I tried tampons, but they would never really "open" so they would leak something fierce whenever I tried them. I'm not a virgin, but it's been so long that I can't even remember what sex is haha.

I just recently made my purchase of a Moon Cup (US) after debating getting a cup for a few months. I definitely lurked this comm a lot to figure out which brand I should get, but after I saw a great deal on ebay, I had to buy it.

I tried inserting on a dry run the other day, only to find that it hurt because it was sitting way too low. I was howling in pain and everything. I'm pretty sure my dorm thought I was crazy haha. But I eventually got it it, using the punch down fold. I even danced around my room singing "I got it in!" hahaha.

Just started my period today, so I was kind of excited to try out the cup. Insertion wasn't too bad, I stand with my one leg up on the edge of my tub, and that seems to do the trick for me.

I waited like 20 minutes and figured I'd try removal, just to start getting the hang of it. It took a lot of bearing down, because my fingers kept slipping with nothing to really grip onto. But then I inserted once again, and I'm going to wait a couple hours before removal, because my first day's quite light.

The only thing I don't like so far is the stem. It's a bit pokey, and when I cough, it's a bit of an ouchie. But I think I'm going to trim it off once I get used to removal.

Just wanted to say hi, and thanks for this great community!
Tags: first time use, keeper moon cup, success stories

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