merrrra (merrrra) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Wrong cup?

Hi Everyone!
I am new to using cups (2 cycles). I bought a DivaCup 1. I find that at the begining of my period when it is very heavy I just can't keep up with emptying the cup. I find myself using pads with the cup just like I had to when I used tampons. I recently started using a birth control pill to help with my cycle. I know that it should shorten it but I'm not sure if it will change the amount flow. I am a 23 year old non virgin living in the USA. I have been comparing different cups and I'm not sure if I got the right one, but don't get me wrong....I LOVE MY CUP!...when it doesn't leak. I know that it is open all the way because I feel all around the top of the cup to make sure it opened (I found that tip here ^_^).

Anyways, long story short. With my upcoming cycle I'm worried that it will leak for the first couple of days again. Should I purchase another cup(bigger)? or should I just wait and see if it leaks again? Any tips or cup suggestions?
Tags: divacup, heavy blood flow, leakage & spotting, sizes/size issues

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