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Opinions Greatly Appreciated

**EDIT: Sounds like a Fleurcup or Yukki might solve this problem. Which one would suit my needs best in your opinion? Most importantly the peeing problem.


Hope everyone is well. I was wondering if I can get some suggestions, pls. I've looked through the threads and cannot seem to find exactly what I'm looking for. Here's a brief background first: 

About me: Tiny, short distance between opening and cervix; Retroverted uterus; Very heavy flow. I like cups to pop open easily as I've never been able to twist them and I'm not into 'fishing around' lol.

Prior: Used to have small Diva. Got IUD so switched. Found some problem peeing with this one. I realize they all represent some degree of risk but I'd prefer to go with cups that are indicated as safe. 

Current: Large Lunette. Love the capacity as I'm very heavy. Love the ease of popping open. 

Problem: Cannot pee! Cannot empty bladder! I've tried leaning forward and placing it higher but it doesn't help. 

The thing is, I'm about to go backpacking through developing countries where I'm going to have utilize the 'squat and pee' method. Bathroom breaks are going to be infrequent and few and far between, so the inability to pee will definitely pose a problem. 

I'm looking for a cup that will fit the following characteristics: 
- easy to pop open
- will allow me to pee easily
- large capacity 

I understand that Meluna makes a softer version that only comes in small and medium. How well do these cups pop open? Has anyone experienced problems peeing with this one?

Any advice would very much appreciated!

Thank you!
Tags: buying decisions, urination
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