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Questions about size and leaking, etc.

Hi everyone!
I'm 37, had 3 kids, I've been lurking for about 3 months here and been a cup user for that long.  I've read everything I can get my hands on here during that time.  I learned a lot about my body.  Like I did not know the cervix moved down, and didn't even realize how downward the angle was, lol.  I appreciate this site so much, because without it I would have been so clueless.  I had decided to buy a cup back in january and since I didn't know that much yet decided on a large lunette, because it seemed to be the nicest one with a large capacity.  But it ended up being too firm and bothered my bladder most times, and would overflow too soon. 1-2 hours.  So this month I got a large Yuki and it too does not have enough capacity. My flow is 80 ml first day and then a total of 115 entire period, which is 3 days then spotting. My cervix is really dangly and taking up most of the space.  I can only fill it to 10-15 ml.  I also have a tilted cervic/uterus.  So I have a few questions that I haven't found anywhere.

Do you think they will ever make a larger cup capacity wise?

Does your cup sit sideways instead of upright?  Mine sits sideways because my cervix is facing the front wall, does that make sense.  So I think thats why it leaks, cause its lying down on it side.

Can your cup suddenly lose its seal and spill most of its contents or all?  I really start to panick when my cup leaks because I fear a sudden gush that would get everywhere.  Sometimes at work I can't get to a bathroom right away.  I wear a backup but I'm still paranoid.

What causes the little leaks that are bright red and don't seem to be residual slobber?  Sometimes my cup leaks after its been in an hour and only has 5 ml in it.

Have you ever had a sound like air noise coming from your vagina in public.  One day I barely made it to the bathroom and when I sat down on toiliet it made that sound.  I'm afraid that will happen in public, I would be so embarraced.  Has anyone had this happeni in public?  I get the air a lot which doesn't bother me, its just that sound, lol

Thanks for reading!
Tags: sizes/size issues, tilted uterus, yuuki

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