ninjafruit (ninjafruit) wrote in menstrual_cups,

"The entire stem remains outside of your body" - huh?

I was reading the usage instructions and FAQ on the Keeper website (I don't own nor plan on buying a Keeper though, I was just curious), and apparently they advice users to let the stem poke out of their body. This surprised me, but it appears to be the normal way of wearing a Keeper? It just seems awkward to have a 25 mm rubber stick portruding from your vagina all the time, how does one sit down or ride a bike? I know most people would just trim the stem if it was too long or irritating, but the Keeper website doesn't mention anything about trimming (whereas most other cup companies do have a bit of advice about trimming on their websites).

Is it specific for the Keeper cup to leave the (untrimmed) stem completely sticking out? I had never heard of this, so just wondering.

EDIT: It wasn't a mistake on their website, they stand by this advice. See their reply in my comment below.
Tags: keeper, stem length/trimming
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