thepooloftears (thepooloftears) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Second Chance

Hello All!

About five years ago I attempted to switch to cups from tampons with the DivaCup, but I had some serious issues. Even though I got the smaller one, it never fit right (I always felt it and it always HURT) and I eventually gave up.
However, with my current job as a police dispatcher I found it difficult to keep with disposables or even cloth pads because I sometimes have to go entire shifts (8 to 16 hours and everywhere in between) without a break.
So I did a little research on different shapes and what-not and decided to give the Lunette a try because of the shape, plus I read that it is "squishier".
What a difference! I had to fiddle with different folds to find the one easiest for me, but after I discovered the punch-down there wasn't a problem. I'm on day two of my first run with it and I'm feeling great!

Anyhow, I'm also excited to see this community and will definitely be checking it out often.
Tags: lunette, success stories
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