rsilvergun (rsilvergun) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Thinking of getting a new cup...

I'm not getting it now, but I have been looking around and I've decided on these:

a) Femmecup (one-size; 45x50; 30mL to brim; 15-18 mL (capacities from users); hoop & narrow rim

b) UK Mooncup (large; 46x50; 14-15 mL (capacities from users); narrow

c) Fleurcup (large; 46x52; 35mL; 29-30 mL (capacities from users); H2

I like my Large Lunette, but my problem with it is that it seems to be too long on my heavier days when my cervix is riding low. I have been doing Kegels to improve my ability to keep it from sliding out but I would prefer to have a cup which would allow me to no longer have to wear a little backup on the first few days of my period. If anyone has had similar issues, which cup would you go with?
Tags: brand comparisons, buying decisions
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