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What size MeLuna should I get?

It is final, I have decided on the medium MeLuna soft; the Diva is just way too long for me. I did not have any issues with leaking this cycle, awake or sleeping, so I think its suffice to say that I have mastered the Diva cup. Mwhahaha!!! Now, the only issue is that I can still feel it when I have it flipped inside out, so Im looking for something wider and shorter for my low cervix. The MeLuna. The only problem is that Im worried that the medium MeLuna wont be large enough to hold as much flow as the Diva. I can go without changing my Diva for about 5-6 hours and I want my MeLuna to have the same capacity. I started thinking about the large MeLuna. BUT the Large MeLuna is only three centimeters shorter than the Diva, and I was wanting something substantially shorter than the Diva, like the medium MeLuna. So, I was wondering maybe I can wear the large MeLuna inside out to shorten it. So, my question is, how long is the large MeLuna turned inside out?

I am more interested in th MeLuna soft, because of my current issues with the Diva. But I also want a cup with a good seal. Do you think Ill have better luck with the Klasik MeLuna or the MeLuna soft?

Update: I didnt get a MeLuna at all!! Lol. I ordered a large, orange Fleurcup. Its the best of both worlds, short like the MeLuna, but with a higher capacity. I dont feel it at all, and thats a plus. I am extremely pleased with my cup!!
Tags: buying decisions, meluna

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