Pelia (victimuspersoni) wrote in menstrual_cups,

A few questions about my fleurcup!

A few days ago I got it in the mail. I am expected to start my period in...two weeks roughly.
I boiled it for 10 minutes. Is that appropriate for a first trial run? If not, what do you recommend? Do you wash it after every use?
Also, about cloth pads. I am looking to expand my collection when I wanna give my lady bits a rest. Disposables seem to dry and irritate my goodies. What are you personal recommendations ? Anything from etsy? Feminine wear? I don't like minky or velour material.

Also, I got a SECOND fleurcup in the mail. Is this apart of the buy one get one that the company had going for awhile or what? I asked feminine wear. But, if is awesome if not! I need to get to the post office!
Tags: cleaning - boiling, fleurcup, pads - cloth

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