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Ok, so, I would have posted this about a week earlier while it was still slightly more relevant, but, a combination of laziness, me forgetting my password, and only just getting the email to reset it today has me posting this today. I posted a bit over a months ago about not being able to get my small Lunette in all the way before it started hitting my cervix  (first post is here:  Sorry, not very good at making posts fancy, so you get the whole link).

So, last week was my spring break. My period decided it loves spring break, and joined me while I was being lame at home. So, Sunday, the first day of my period, I decided to give my small Lunette another try because I am extremely stubborn, and wanted it to WORK, DAMNIT. Only this time, I put it in while sitting on the toilet. AND IT WORKED! I had slight issues with it hitting my cervix at first, but I just tried angling it lower this time, so that it felt like I was putting it in more horizontally, instead of at some sort of diagonal-ish angle, although I'm not sure if it just felt that way because I was sitting on the toilet...

Anyway, I actually managed to wear it for the three main days of my period (because after that, for another two-three days, I pretty much spot, only slightly heavier, which wasn't enough to warrant the use of the cup, really) and I had no real problems with it! Well, except some leaking, but that was because I left it in until it leaked, not knowing how much it could hold in relation to how much I bleed. Sadly, I may need a higher-capacity cup, at least for my heaviest day, because the small Lunette was full within 5-6 hours of my putting it in the first time, and it leaked again overnight. But, after that, I not only had a better sense of when to empty it, but I wasn't bleeding quite as heavily. That, and, being away at school, having a second cup would make things a bit easier, washing-wise.

So, a bit of a random question, not really important, I was just curious. My Lunette Selene is more of a purple-y blue than the blue I've seen in pictures. Has anybody else noticed this, or it is it just me/mine? I'm not complaining about the color, I think it's quite pretty, I'm just curious. I tried taking pictures of it to shoo what I mean, but my camera's kinda old, and they show up as more blue than what it really looks like...
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