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My Ladycup review

I received my Ladycup about a month ago and am finally getting to test it out. This is the very first menstrual cup I have tried. I was drawn to it because of its earth friendly and green qualities (apparently one cup lasts up to ten years if it is taken care of). I am 22 years old, if that matters :) When I made my decision to try out a menstrual cup I chose the Ladycup because it is shorter than other cups. I had tried the disposable Instead cups sold in drugstores and was unable to use them. They were too long and quite difficult to fit it 'up there'. The Ladycup seemed to be a good balance of 'short' with good hold capacity. So I put in the order from the Czech Republic. The cost was reasonable considering the long term savings. It was around 35$ for the cup and only 2$ shipping to Canada. It didn't take very long to arrive (maybe a week - a week and a half). I also prefer the Ladycup because they are pretty, as a menstrual cup can be I suppose, I got the turquoise and they come in a nice bag.

Now for the nitty gritty details :) I really like the Ladycup. I will never go back to tampons and especially not to pads. Insertion is easy, there are tons of different folds you can do. I got a lot of information on this via MenstrualCupInfo's Youtube Channel before I ordered. While insertion was easy... getting it to 'pop' open was initially a challenge. I was using the 'punch-down fold' (shown in the linked video) which never seemed to open up in me. I would have to use my fingers to kind of help it along. I've sinced tried the 'C fold or U fold' and life is better :) I don't have to help it out, I just insert with this fold and it opens right up. This could really just be my anatomy, I guess other people will have to try out different folds and see what works for them. When I first got it to open up I felt a slight suction. When I'm wearing it, I can't feel anything unless I really try to. If my mind isn't on it then I don't feel anything, certainly not more than a tampon and much much less than those awful plastic pads. Removal is not difficult after the first time really. It's much easier if you kind of 'walk it out' of the vaginal canal, rather than just tug on it.

I bought the small Ladycup. I've seen on forum posts before that people said they wouldn't consider the Ladycup because they think it wouldn't hold enough... and while I recognize that everyone is different... I have never had a problem with this. In fact if I left the Ladycup in the entire first day of my period I only would have made it around 3/4 of the way full. The first day I wore it I emptied and cleaned the cup around everytime I used the bathroom (~every 4 hours or so) and there was really no need to. At least for my body the small Ladycup holds quite enough for how much I bleed.

So, if you're thinking of trying out the Ladycup, go for it. I highly recommend. Pros: environmentally friendly, no waste, not exposing my body to the chemicals and bleach of tampons and pads, comfortable, and my vag doesn't dry out from the cotton of tampons, no leaking. Cons: None... except for maybe when I first told a few friends they just kind of raised their eyebrows and said "....alrighty then". lol.

Lastly: I slept last night with the Ladycup in and it was very comfortable. This is the first time in years that I've worn an internal mode of menstrual product and it hasn't leaked.
Tags: coloured lady cups, cup lifespan, environmental impact, first time use, heavy blood flow, insertion, insertion - folding methods, lady cup, popping open, removal, seal & suction, sizes/size issues
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