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schools. & a bit of rambling....

I reaaaally want to spread the word about cups as best as i can. I mean, these things are better than sliced bread!
So, one day I was thinking about how I could go about this, and it hit me-- sex/body ed. in schools.
how perfect! if one were to hear about cups when first being educated about periods and such, they'd be more open to it(right?).

the only problems i see are costs. i'm pretty sure that schools have to pay very little to get those samples of 2 'always' pads, since they're advertising really.


how do you guys think i should approach the school district about this sort of thing? i understand that it'd take quite a bit of work to get menstrual cups really out there in even just on school district, but i REALLY want to try!

on another note, i've been thinking about coming up with my own menstrual cup... crazy, right? i'm drawing some concepts at the moment, and i'll post 'em here when i've got enough.

... i have big dreams, and i'm only 13. oh well.

edit; i found this the other day on a quiz from it actually made me mad.

The menstrual cup, a rubber device placed into the vagina to collect blood in the 1930s, was not a success because it was too-
a;  expensive
b; hard, heavy, and difficult to insert
c; hard to find
d; all of the above.

yes, D was the correct answer.
technically. but it just really irritated me :\ ugh
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