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Why Good Cups Go Bad

Good Morning Community!

I wanted to Share some of my latest theories on The Morning Flood and otherwise unexplainable Night, or Daytime Leaking.

Now, I'm sure many of us are familiar with the usual issues that lead to leakage -cervix outside the cup, bad fit, overflow, residual slobber- but once you've found your goldilocks cup, and goldilocks fold, and timed your changing needs, and gotten pro at that circular finger sweep for slobber removal etc....There is still those out of the blue leaks, or night related issues that make you scruch up your face and go aljfkladsjfkldsgsgldskjgdsjgasg!!

I have some ideas... And please provide evidence contrary to my hypotheses so we can come up with an all inclusive theory. Also try some experimenting and report back!   :D


My Theories:

The Morning Flood
This is an issue that I personally stuggle with, and I've heard of others too... At night, menstual fluid seems to pool somewhere inside- perhaps dues to gravity pulling it a different direction than the exit- In the morning when one gets out of bed, all that fluid floods down the vagina, somehow misses the cup and heads straight towards the outside world...

My idea: Assuming a reclining position changes the shape of your internal workings...mostly, your cup squishes accordingly-which we expect for day to day activities- Most likely your cup has also just been emptied, so the short time it takes the cup to adapt to the new shape isnt problematic. The real problem may be that having your cup in that same squished position for about eight hours straight makes it want to stay that shape for a while...including the two seconds it takes you to dash to the bathroom when the flood waters are let loose. Standing up after those eight hours changes your internal anatomy again...only this time your cup can't adapt fast enough to accommodate that impending disaster.
I've noticed that cups of firmer material are more likely to hold a shape they've been squished to...where the softer ones usually spring back to circular in no time. Time for experimenting cuppers!!! Last night I wore a Klassic Meluna and had the usual morning flood issues, Tonight I'm going to wear my Soft version (of the same model and size) and see how it goes...Everyone is invited to test the differences for cup springback and firmness of material!

Other 'Unexplainable' Leaking
Since recently mastering that dreaded learning curve I've eliminated all the common causes of leaks(YAAAAAYYY!!). Still, I can expect a leak every once in a long while due to other unforeseen circumstances (but wait!). While thinking about cup deformation in the previous theory, I thought of another theory that could explain SOME leaks any time.

So, the vaginal canal runs parallel to your rectum. Lets face it, their proximity can cause some issues. If you gotta do #2, and you insert your cup, or finger you can feel the difference.  Ignoring bodily urges, or constipation can certainly have an impact on both the fit of your cup, and on your cup's capacity... Even If you haven't quite gotten the message-oh, i gotta go!-your cup will know. So next time you notice a leak that wasn't caused by faulty insertion---don't rule out a bad fit or premature overflow from a change in your vaginal shape due to #2---perhaps you're going to need to take a big *youknowwhat* very soon. That being said, don't ignore your bodily urges, aside from cup interactions, not going when you need to go can cause serious health issues.

Night-Time Issues
Thinking now of combinations of the previous two theories, I can come up with various ideas... especially if you're a morning BM kind of person, or someone who makes sudden tosses, or turns while sleeping... Perhaps trying a cup with softer material---one that doesn't seem to hold any particular shape (other than its natural, silicone factory-mold shape) would be beneficial???

I certainly don't claim to know all the answers here, and Im not suggesting that these are concepts set in stone... so take it easy on the criticism folks! This is more of a starting point for experimentation and collaboration, have fun with it!


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