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Has this happened to anyone else's LadyCup?

Hello there, I've been lurking in this community for over a year but only just found a reason to make an account and post.

I obtained a large LilacCup in early 2010, and I absolutely love it. Of all the cups I've tried (small Diva, small Lunette, Femmecup, large Yuuki, large Fleurcup), it's the only one that's truly comfortable while still having a high capacity. I'm one of those people who has a cervix that's simultaneously low and wide in addition to having a moderate-heavy flow, so I need a cup that's short, wide, fairly soft, and has a high capacity. The only cup that fits all of those criteria is the large Ladycup, and I love mine dearly.

Unfortunately, a tear's starting to form in one of the suction release holes, veering off into the thicker material of the cup's rim. It's small for now, but once silicone starts tearing it generally doesn't stop splitting until it runs out of material.

Pardon the little lint particles. As I'm sure many of us know, cups seem to like attracting them when they're dry.

I have never done anything to this cup that was outside of what would be considered normal use. I washed it with water and mild soap every time I emptied it and boiled it for 2-5 minutes once every few months (making sure it didn't stay in contact with the sides of the cooking pot in the process). No harsh chemicals came in contact with it, and nothing sharp ever touched any part of the cup other than the (now nonexistent) stem. Yet this is still happening despite the fact that I've only had it for about a year.

Has this happened to anyone else's LadyCup? Is this a rare factory defect or is it something that tends to happen to cups with suction release holes that are slanted that sharply? I'm debating whether I should order a new one (or see if anyone in mc_sales is willing to sell or trade me for a used one) or boycott the company due to both the defect itself and the fact that they haven't responded to the email I sent them regarding this issue.

Thanks for reading, and I'd really appreciate any input!

ETA: Thanks for the responses, everyone! The LadyCup people finally emailed me back after some pestering, and a replacement has been arranged.
Tags: cup lifespan, lady cup
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