MaryCatherineR (marycatheriner) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Fleurcup Woman's day sale!!!

I have a Small Diva that I just love to death, but I've been contemplating buying another cup for variety, just to see if anything works better on certain days etc. I've had my eyes on the Fleurcup and now they are on sale, and I have to buy one! I can't wait to have a colored cup!

I am having trouble choosing a color though. Do you guys have any pictures of your Fleurcups or descriptions? Every picture I see looks different. In some the colors are more opaque and in others they are more see through.

The lilac looks pretty in some pictures, but on the company's website, not so much. Same with the pink. I might have to go with blue because it looks pretty in every picture, but I am not a blue person. Help meh!!!
Tags: fleurcup, where to buy

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