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Nuvaring troubles and cups as presents.

Hi all! So I posted earlier about starting the nuvaring. This is my first month and apparently break through bleeding is pretty common? Anyways I inserted the nuvaring on the first day of my period, last month, february 14th. I have been bleeding since then, and not just spotting, enough blood so I have to wear my menstrual cup every day.  I'm just wondering if there is a quick fix for this. At this point I've been bleeding for three weeks on end... I'm going to set up an appointment with my gyno tomorrow, but just wondering. This is my ring free week, so I should be getting my period soon, and I think my cramps are starting up.

In my last post I asked whether anyone has used the nuvaring and instead softcups together. I just wanted to say that they worked fine for me. I used insteads while I was home visiting my boyfriend, because I didn't want to get blood everywhere during sex. I just put the instead in first, and the cup second, along side of that. :)

(The text before this point was also posted on vagina_pagina.)

And lastly, as of late I have gotten two free menstrual cups that I really don't need. So I was going to give them to some friends that had expressed an interest in trying cups, but I'm just not sure how to go about doing that. Like, can I just go up to someone and ask, "Hey I have an extra, unused menstrual cup, do you want it?" I asked one friend, and she was kinda weirded out; although we had talked about cups a lot, I guess she's not really open to the idea of internal menstrual stuff yet/kinda scared. So how have those of you that gave cups as presents to your friends or family gone about it? I received an old style femmecup, and the new style, so they don't seem to be particularly long cups that would be a problem for anyone. However, the capacity is not amazing, and the old femmecup has a very firm ring that might be scary for a new cup user.

Thanks in advance for the advice!

P.S. I went a little photo crazy and uploaded all my photos of menstrual cups to one file here. There's pics of fleurcup, divacup, femmecup (old and new), melunas, ladycup, and instead softcup so far.
Tags: brand comparisons, femmecup, instead, nuvaring
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