galwithawand (galwithawand) wrote in menstrual_cups,

I ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ my Diva Cup

I couldn't help it but I just had to come here and gush about my Diva Cup. This is my third cycle with it and I am starting to fall head over heels in love with it. I have suffered under the rein of pads the past 10 years and I just cant be happier to finally put a stop to that.
And, I always did not understand how everyone say that using a menstrual cup is clean, and even so much cleaner than using tampons or pads. I did posts months ago on how big a bloody mess I made on my first cycle and how nightmarish it was for me and every removal was like a gory murder scene. Blood was everywhere; all over the sink, floor, toilet bowl and my hands were covered in blood. It was so gross. Finally this period, I started to really appreciate the clean factor. My cup seriously made my period SO clean(after I've mastered the insertion and removal techniques). It is so mind-blowing clean that I just want to shout in joy and announce it to the whole world. My underwear is clean(not even a drip of blood in sight!), I don't have to sit in my own blood or feel the disgusting sogginess of pads and my private part feels so dry and clean and fresh! ALL THE TIME! And I do not have to deal with abrasions at the side of my legs and the rashes I get from the damp stuffy pads which would last for a week after my period ended which makes my skin so raw and itchy. Plus! I swim alot and I went swimming with my cups several times and not one time did any water manage to seep in or blood manage to get out. I could splash and swim all I want in the pool and nothing would happen. It's totally like not having my period at all!

And removal and insertion became such a breeze too! It comes out easily with a slight tug, and I'll empty it in the toilet bowl with no issues(I put some tissue in the bowl before pouring my blood in so it won't stain), wash it with soap and water(I enlarged the holes with needles and now they are so easy to clean and blood doesn't get stuck in them anymore), squat down(i can only insert properly this way) and pop it in with punch down fold. Everything is even easier if I do this when I'm bathing and I can make sure I wash away the residual slobber and it feels so good to not have blood dripping down my legs when I'm wiping my hair dry. YAY to cups!

I just love love love love love my diva cup way too much and it's awesome having clean and dry underwear all the time and not feeling like I'm on my period, even on my heaviest days! People who have yet to switch to cups are really losing out, BIG TIME.
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