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Hey all, I've been lurking around for a bit and this community has thus far been so helpful! I recently learned about moon cups from a "Stuff Mom Never Told You" podcast and have been very interested. Thanks to all the great charts and discussions on this community I think I have narrowed my choice down to the Large Lunette. Truthfully, I originally liked the size of some of the other cups better (like the Yukki or Miacup) but didn't want to deal with International taxes or shipping. I am an averaged sized, non-virgin, no children, 24 year old, Amerixan woman. I am on birth control so my cycles typically only last 3 days with a medium, heavy, and light flow days.

Now on to my question/where I need help. I measured my period, while on my cycle, (a new experience for me, I am really trying to jump into this whole heartedly!) and the measurement came out to between 55mm and 60mm, more typically towards the 60mm. The large Lunette is 53mm. Is this cutting it too close? Will that be too large for me? I looked at some of the smaller size, American made cups, and I'm worried about them being too small and not having the capacity I want. Unfortunately it seems like all the middle of the road size cups are International, and like I said I am concerned about the shipping, taxes, etc.

Any thoughts? How should the length of the cup correlate with the length to your cervix? How much room should you leave? Once again thank you for all your help already and in the future!
Tags: buying decisions, lunette, sizes/size issues, where to buy
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