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Cramps are fully gone. Am always looking forward to my period

When I started this whole cup last year around Jan I saw ladies here saying their cramps are gone and I didn't really pay any attention to it.

I started using tampons at 16 and before that I would alternate with pads. Pads were just horrible and always licked. I can't begin to think how many boys in school knew about my mens. Gosh, I don't even want to think about my pads days. Anyhow, I remember girls use to complain about cramps and stomach pain right before their periods and I never had them. When I was 17 I also started to get pain when my period was about to come. At that time also I noticed my period would have jello like chunks that were so annoying. Having my cycle become unbearable and I was always frustrated. This continued on for a while.

At 18 my period began coming less and less and I would be very happy. This was caused by my weight and at 19 I was over 210 pounds and my period would kid of just spot for a day and finish. My weight was causing a lot of problems so I went down to 120 pounds and my flow returned to normal (so sad, I was actually loving not having my period). And so anyhow my cramps got worse and I continued to use tampons. Gosh I hated my cycle with a passion.

So then last year at 22 around this time after discovering about cups, I got my self a cute little blue lady cup. Wow it was tiny and would overflow on the heavy days so I got a yellow large LC. I had got used to the pain, it really become part of me so I didn't care, some Tylenol or aspirin would take care of that. The idea that really appealed to me was never having to carry supplies with me. I had a 6 year old who had no other friend in the world but me. She knew about tampons and periods and stuff and loved going through my purse and would making fun of me and rub it in that my period is on when she found tampons. Kids this days! As you can see, I jumped at the cup because I won't have to carry supplies.

Over the last year my cramps have been weird. The first couple of months after using the cup the pain was there. October last year the pain kind of seemed minimal but I didn't bother to think about it or even wonder why am not taking painkillers. This is why I joined really to talk about my gone cramps but I got caught up in other discussion. The last 3 months have been pain free. In fact, it's also around the same time that I have found my self wishing for my period to just start already. My boyfriend and his friend were talking about how ladies have a special place for their monthly products. It's then he realized that he has been with me, knows when my period is on but has never seen those products around. I really love how discrete you can be with this. he asked me where i kept mine and so I showed him my two cups and told him all about them. He was really intrigued, shocked and was very happy with the cup he started to thank me, weird. He went and told his friends to tell their ladies about cups.

Why didn't I know about this cup thing earlier? I have been through hell with my period. But am glad now I know and am never going back. Am also enjoying the clean trash free bathroom, saves alot of money on those bags.
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