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suction swelling my cervix?

hi all!
this is my first period using my first cup, after lots of resurch i picked a yukki size large (cause it seames to be the biggest on the market)because i have a flow like a waterfall(no kidding I used to go through 6 overnight size pads a 24 hr time, and no i dont need to see a docter about that, its genetic, my mother was the same way, its all good : ) ive had to cut the stem on the cup because it was hanging out and kind of pokie, the first day it fit just fine like that,  im 28, 2 kids. heres my problem,

by the end of day one my cervix had swelled so large and long and so low that it litteraly  filled the entrance to my vagina, when i wipe it was right there, not quite hanging out, when i insert fingers i feel like im holding a small penis in my hand, its that long.  im pretty familure with my body down there, and have never, never had this happen to my cervix. so over night i used pads to let my insides calm themselves down. in the morning i tryed the cup again, but by dinner time my cervix was again so swollen that the cup was being pushed out. so day 3 just pads to see if its normal for my cervix to swell durring the day.  my cervix went back to normal, smaller, shorter, and higher(not really high but higher than when i was using the cup)
i thought  that maybe i had a super sensitive cervix that was not happy having a cup intrude into its space, maybe i need a smaller cup? then my hubby suggested that maybe the suction from the cup was causing it,(can i just say that he's so awesome to listen to me complain about my mentral experiments!) 

could it actualy be the suction causeing this?

so what would happen if i added extra air holes or made the existing ones bigger? owould it still have enough suction to stay in?
would a smaller cup have less suction?

my whole life i have not used tampons for any regular thength of time either because my muscles pushes them out when they are dry, the only times they work are when im so *wet* down there that the tampon is soaked on insertion, if it takes 5 min to not be dry anymore then in that time its been pushed hanging half out of my vagina.

i thought that the cup would be different than tampons, i really want to use the cup! i was so excited about it and the fact that i would never have to sit in my own blood again! so im pretty depressed thinking that the cup wont work for me, really hoping for some answers that will help me be able to use the thing.
i hope i was clear, i know i tend to ramble, id love all advice and suggestions!
Tags: cervix position, chafing/irritation, first time use, seal & suction, sizes/size issues, tampons, yuuki
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