melissa569 (melissa569) wrote in menstrual_cups,

New Lunette Colors! ....... And cups in Turkey And Israel :)

Lunette posted a photo of some new color samples they got in today.  Hopefully they will be released soon.  In the photo, its the two cups in the middle.  Particularly the PURPLE one.  So what does everyone think?

Cups In Turkey And Israel

I met someone on WordPress who translated my menstrual cup blog for Turkish women.  :) .  Glad to see the word spreading!

Also, just wanted to say, if anyone is living in/around Israel-- I spoke to a lady who lives there, and is running a website where she makes and sells cloth pads, UK Mooncups, and Iriscups  :)  She is working hard to spread the word over there, and I am glad she has joined the ranks.  So if you live there, and you need some of these supplies, go ahead and visit her website: 
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