ohwhoahbaby (ohwhoahbaby) wrote in menstrual_cups,

First Timer

 So, I have a Meluna Soft Cup Medium (one of the glittery ones!) I just started my period and put it in while I was in the shower after exercising. I put it in and took it out a lot to make sure that I was comfortable with it, but I'm still not entirely sure that it's in right and have a couple of questions. BTW, 18 and a virgin.

1) I've kind of poked around in my vagina trying to figure out song if its around my cervix. It is, but does that mean its necessarily sealed? How exactly will I be able to tell if it is sealed? I thought I had it earlier, but I managed to get it out with a several tugs on the ring, is this okay? 

2) I feel like the little ring at the end is still fairly close to the outside, is this because it is a medium size? I can't feel it when I stand up or move around, but I can feel it a little bit when I sit down. Is that normal?

Thanks so much for your help! <3
Tags: first time use, meluna - soft, removal, seal & suction

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