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Yeast infection + Plan B + cup use?

So, I'm sad to say I have a yeast infection. However, it's very minor (as in, I've only been irritatingly itchy once a day for the past few days, usually in the morning or right before bed, and the clumpy discharge seems to be either getting better, or at the least, staying the same, and it doesn't smell at all), and I'm feeling confident that my period will probably get rid of most, if not all, of it. My problem is this: my period was originally due to start on this coming Thursday (March 4), but I took a Plan B on Sunday. Nevertheless, my body is giving me all my usual PMS (I hope) symptoms that say my period should actually still show up on time. Having never used Plan B until this Sunday, I'm not really sure what to expect. I usually put my cup in the evening before my period is due to start, so I'm ready for it. I've read through some of the tags about cup use with a yeast infection, and plan on boiling my cup between insertions to make sure I can kill the yeast before putting it back in, because, due to my finances (and they are bad), buying pads is not an option for me.

So there are multiple layers to this, I guess. Has anyone taken Plan B around the time their period was due to start and gotten their period still around the expected time? Would it be a bad idea to put my cup in the way I normally do it (the night before my period is expected), even though, having taken Plan B, it might not show up until a few days later? What are some other options that you can suggest? I'm not currently using any OTC or prescription medications, or any home treatments for my yeast infection, as it's more a minor annoyance than a huge discomfort right now, and was waiting for my period to get rid of it. Sorry if the tags already thoroughly answered these questions -- like I said, I looked, but only found partial answers and would like some more insight. Thanks in advance. :)
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