ceejay_za (ceejay_za) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Adjusting to new cup

So I got my (small) miacup, and I've managed to insert and remove it a few times with minimal fuss - much to my amazement, because I could have sworn it was flat out impossible and no way was this thing going to fit up there :)

But it does fit, and is fairly comfortable. The first time it seemed to sit higher than subsequent times; to the extent that now the stem is sticking out of me entirely, and the base of the cup is sitting in that muscular entrance, making things a bit uncomfortable. I'm not sure if the difference is that my cervix is lower now than when I first tried it, or if I'm just not inserting it high enough. Can you insert it too low? Will it just ride up to where it wants to be? Or is the miacup just too long for me - maybe the small lunette would be better? I can't tell if my cervix is in the cup or above the cup, but I am getting a nice seal between the cup and the walls - my cervix isn't in the way.

My second issue is that I'm struggling to get hold of the rim while removing, so instead of being able to fold it a bit before it reaches the entrance, it just pops out fully open which is kinda sore! Any hints on this? I've watched the videos and I know how to do it in theory, but in practice there just isn't room for me to grab, pull, dent to release suction, and fold in the rim.

Then my final question - I know the answer, I'm pretty sure, but just for reassurance: the suction of the cup, particularly during removal, can't bring your cervix down lower, right? It just seems that my cervix is always much lower after removal than before insertion.

Tags: brand comparisons, buying decisions, first time use

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