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MeLuna smells! Better options?

I'll post this in chronological order, since that makes the most sense to me!

First a little background: I'm 28, no children (been pregnant twice though), new to cups, but have been using cloth pads for years. My vag seems rather long (I have to have hubby check my IUD strings since I can't reach!), and I have a tilted cervix, pointing to the left.

I had a miscarriage in November of 2010. I didn't want to get pregnant again, and since my insurance covers IUD insertion, I opted for that. Post-baby and pre-IUD (paragard), I was on the mini-pill as an interim, since it would be about 2 months before I could get the IUD. I had to have an STD panel, a pap smear, and a colposcopy, due to long-standing issues with cervical dysplasia.

I ordered the MeLuna, medium green with a ring stem. When I got it, I was having a little spotting due to the mini-pill, so I couldn't wait until my real period so I gave it a test run for a couple of hours. I washed it with ivory soap, and then boiled it for 5 minutes. The first time I had it inserted for ~4 hours, and when I removed it, I could not believe the AWFUL smell!! I thought "surely there's no way this is coming from me!" I washed it, repeatedly, and boiled it twice more, but the stench would not go away. Like other folks have said, it smells like rotting meat, which is not a smell I want coming out of my vag.

I thought maybe it was an artifact of the weird bleeding, and I sat it on my dresser (not in the bag) for the next couple of months. I didn't use it right after getting the IUD. The smell slowly faded, but if you really sniffed it, you could still smell it faintly. In the meantime, I had been to the gyno repeatedly for previously-mentioned tests, and to get the IUD, so I'm certain I have no infections or STDs or any underlying issues other than the dysplasia.

I started my post-IUD "highest risk of expulsion" period, and was SUPER excited to use my cup again! I guess I'm not used to the slightly heavier periods I've gotten being on the IUD because I overflowed. In the cup's defense, I should have emptied it sooner, and I realize this. I was driving home with my husband from volunteering (in the woods, which is why I didn't empty it sooner) and told him "I think I'm having a blowout!" He found it much more amusing than I did.

But the smell! The smell came back! It's so horrible! You can't smell it when the cup is in, but as soon as I take it out, the nose hair curling stench assaults your senses! I can't change it at work because I'm afraid the stench will permeate the building! Although that may spur a good cleaning of the fridge, I don't want to be the reason that smell is wafting through the heat ducts. I've tried boiling, Dr. Bronner's tea-tree soap, baking soda... Nothing helps! I'm afraid it's just a reaction of the TPE with my body's chemistry.

I've also had problems with it leaking, even right after insertion so I know it's not overflow. I'm going to try a different fold here in a bit when I go take a shower. I've been using C-fold and had no problems with opening up. I run my finger around it to make sure it's open, and not had a problem. It seems like it's sealing fine. I think the leaking might just be a learning curve issue. Also, not that it affects functionality, but it stained on first use. So now my pretty green cup is green, with an underlying tone of red/brown.

But I can't get past the smell.

So I've been looking at other options. After looking at the charts, it seems like Fleurcup is fairly similar diameter, although I'm thinking I would rather go with the large instead of the small for capacity, even though its 7mm longer! I also like the stiffness of the MeLuna, but I've never used another type so I can't say whether I like softer ones better or not. Charts are fine to a point, but I've never had a Fleurcup in hand. Can anyone comment on a comparison between the two?

PS: As a side-note, I just felt my IUD strings for the first time! I took a shower to try and wash the cup and my bits again, and I was bearing down and poking around up there, and felt them! All feels normal, but I'm excited to have felt them for the first time!
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