kazzi (kazzibee) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Meluna leaks - anyone else?

Last month was my first time using a menstrual cup (Large Lunette)... and it was fantastic! Not a single leak for my entire period. However, I did find the Lunette stem a little stiff and hard and slippery and ended up getting quite sore from trying to use it to grip the cup, so I removed the stem and went on a crash course learning curve to work out a painless removal method for myself.... all in all a pretty good first time experience!

I liked the look of the Meluna ring stem, so, in the next few weeks after my "first period" I also purchased a Large Classic Meluna Ring Stem (plus received a free Classic Medium Ball Stem).... so a few days ago when my next period started, I went straight for the Large Classic Meluna..... while the ring stem helps massively with manoevering and positioning for removal.... I've had nothing but leaks for three days! I also tried the Medium Classic Meluna, thinking that perhaps the shorter body might solve the leaking problem... but again I had leaking.

So, today I am back with the Large Lunette and once again, not a single leak! I do notice that the Large Lunette pops open quite a bit more readily than the Large Meluna... however the Medium Meluna popped open really well... but it still leaked a lot.

This just seams really odd to me! Surely the vagina is a squishy place that doesn't discriminate between mildly different cup shapes?? I also would have thought the Melunas would seal even better, as the rims are much stiffer than my Lunette.

Anybody else had problems with Melunas leaking compared to other makes? Or could there just be a difference in my body this month?

I'm also wondering if the lower profile rim of the Lunette means that the outside of the cup is also involved in forming a better seal, whereas the Meluna pronounced rim might mean that only the rim is involved in the seal... hmmmm..

I'm a little disappointed... the Melunas look like they should work really well for me...

I'm also interested in anyone who wants to comment with their absolute favourite brand and model.. to aid my next purchase :)
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