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There's now a Russian brand of cups too, Cup Lee!
(this is pronounced the same as "kapli", the russian for "drops" :)) as in, drops of liquid)

Currently only the large size is available, it's 44x53 (+17mm stem) and holds 30ml to the brim, 25ml to the holes. The small size isn't yet available but it'll be 40x47 (like lunette/fleurcup/yuuki/ladycup), 25ml to brim, 20 to the holes, 21mm stem.

I was pleasantly surprised that they already come in 4 colours: blue, yellow, pink and green (+ clear).

they offer very interesting options for storage:

More pretty pics to look at - all clickable!
edit: and more pix, basically everything they offer.

and...where would you expect this, if not in Russia? they also say our ancestors always burned the rags for collecting menstrual blood if they didn't reuse them, as our blood is energy-bound with us. they kinda distance themselves from this info and just give it as food for thought.

also, they offer pouches made of satin and linen. and l_a_d_y_l_e_e who kindly replied my questions said she hasn't tried out many of the existing brands but it's softer than the femmecup.

Shipping is only within Russia for now, the cups are made in Moscow region.

Probably because they know Russian women won't throw these away after a couple of years, they honestly say that medical grade silicone cups can be reused for 10+ years.

So cool :D I don't remember when I was last so proud of my country. Euro 2008?
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