saynotospam (saynotospam) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Christchurch Quake: more on cups and natural disasters

Remembering that ankhst, a member of this community and the owner of EnvironMenstruals, lives in Christchurch, I sent an email to check up on her. She's okay! She has no power and limited access to the outside world, but she managed to send me a reply with the power remaining on her laptop battery:

[...] Please let the Cup people know that I’m ok...and so are all my cups :) If they know women in chch, now is the time to talk to them about cups since no one has sewerage (water is plentiful as long as people are willing to walk a few blocks, but just in case, all chch cups will now come with a lollypop AND a little bit of water for washing them).

and as soon as I get petrol, I can deliver. I [...] may be willing to negotiate discounts/free cups in exchange for things i need (power/shower are big ones).

Luckily I still have [a] sense of humour. :)

Please see her Twitter page for contact details if you live in Chch and want to avoid fighting over disposable products in the overcrowded, understocked supermarkets.

I'm so happy she's alright!
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