Millingo (millingo) wrote in menstrual_cups,

New User, IUD ?s

Wow! First of all thanks for all the information. The store was out of my ob tampons yesterday so I grabbed a box of Instead cups and now I've just spent the last three hours pouring over this community info.

A few questions:

1. I know what the paperwork says but are Instead cups particularly unsuitable for people with IUC(D)s?

2. I would like to try a menstrual cup. I am 31, no births, have a Paragard IUC (9 months in). I am very concerned about possible mishaps that could dislodge my IUC. Can anyone recommend a cup that might be easiest to use in regards to this for a non-seasoned cup-use? I am leaning towards the Lunette Large but am overwhelmed by the choices.

3. There seems to be a lack of voices from the medical field on this forum in regard to IUCs. While I don't believe in "doctor knows best" I would be interested to read female cup-user/medical professional's opinions on the subject. Any resources out there you can point me to?

Thank you, thank you.
Tags: iud

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