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EDIT: Thank you all!


So...I changed my post title, because I have decided that it was incorrect. My my panic I forget everything I have ever know to be true about my body - or maybe I just need to go back and not skip school the day we had sex ed? Thank you all for your words of wisdom and not judging my lack of knowledge about myself.

I would also like to comment on the issue of the loss of hymen equaling the loss of virginity. I personallby do not believe this, so please do not think that I am all of a sudden considering myself to have literally lost it. (It was more supposed to be...humerus but apparently I failed at getting that across.) I do however know some people that do believe that the loss of the hymen = the loss of virginity. My mother for example. Also some of myt relatives. Some people in my family consider me to be sinning (I come from a very, very conservative family...I'm not sure where I come from half the time.) for even putting something inside me - which I  believe is just rediculous but I have yet to figure out a way to convice certain people other wise.

Also, I have concluded that this is just a freak period where I can all of a sudden feel my cervix, no matter how weird it is. Thank you all so much for your words of wisdom on how to deal with the changes via flipping the cup inside out, or recommending shorter/wider cups! 

This post, may be a little bit graphic, however this totally freaked me out initially, and I am now as a result having issues I have never had before with my Diva Cup.

I'm not exactly sure how this happened, but as I was taking a bath Saturday night I noticed that my cup felt kind of odd. It was pretty much lost inside me. So I took it out, as I hadn't really started yet. After finishing in the bath, I put it back in. No big deal.

The next morning when I went to clean it and nearly had a panic attack. I couldn't get it out. For some reason the suction was a lot greater than it has ever been, and there wasn't room for me to reach in and grab it. After a few minutes of struggling I got it out, and was horrified by my anatomical changes. My first thought was "Oh my gosh, my vagina is falling out!" XD

Of course I now realize this is not the case, but really my hymen had been ripped somehow and I was now able to find my cervix for the first time ever. I am kind of amazed that I didn't feel anything, and therefore not 100 percent convinced that this is what happened - but I see no other explanation.

While I find humor in this situation (though I'm curious as to why it happened when its never happened in my two years of using) I hope my future husband will be okay with this. (I am one of those waiting for marriage sort of people.)

As a result of this I am experiencing some problems with my cup.I always thought I was really long, but now I am not so sure. I have never had any problems fitting my small diva cup inside, in fact I've always had plenty of room. PLENTY. I have never able to reach the end of my vagina, where the hymen would have been, but now my cervix is sitting so low that I was worried I wouldn't be able to get the cup back in. I am actually amazed I did.

Now here is my concern, as I have never in the actual sense lost my virginity I have no idea how this can effect the anatomical structure of the vagina. Should it have changed the length of the vagina so much? I have read that cervix position changed naturally, but this just seems quite extreme to me.

My other problem is that now my cup doesn't seem to fit as a result. It's actually been being pushed out all week, and been extremely uncomfortable. Is the only solution to get a smaller cup?

On the upside of this, having the cup sit so low seems to have solved my "Holy crap! I can't pee!" problem.

Anyways, anyone ever had any experiences similar to this? Words of wisdom?
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