ceejay_za (ceejay_za) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Should I order a 2nd cup?

I need some advice, to counteract the advice I know I would get from my mom if I asked her ;)

I ordered a miacup a few weeks ago, and it hasn't arrived yet but my circumstances have already changed. I initially wanted a smaller cup, but my flow was quite heavy and I thought the miacup would be the best compromise. For reasons I won't go in to, my flow is probably going to be lighter from now on, which means that the lunette might well work - and I love the frosted blue.

So I have two options. I can try the miacup, see how it goes, see if the concept works for me, and maybe eventually get a lunette if it seems necessary after I've gotten used to the miacup. This is the sensible option, and my mom would think I'm crazy for considering anything else.

Or, I can get both, compare, and return the miacup (due to their wonderful return policy) if the lunette wins (but if the miacup wins, I've wasted money on the lunette).

What should I do? Bearing in mind that (excluding any customs fees on the lunette) the miacup is almost twice the price of the lunette, and I don't really want to have that much money invested in cups to keep both. But the lunette is the one that calls to me :)
Tags: buying decisions

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