Stephanie (ladycallie) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Newbie and a question

So after yet another person on my flist joined the ranks of the cuppers, I caved and bought one for myself. Never been so excited for my period! :P

I have a used medium Meluna with a ball tip, happily boiled and cleaned. Trying it out tonight at home and then in the morning during my short class. First insertion was a little odd (I'm very comfortable with my vagina but I still had a moment of OMG), but I'm pretty sure it unfolded and it feels fine now. I can tell it's there... kind of, and not in a bad way, just different. I have some cramping, but I always have that and it isn't worse than normal.

Quick question: is it okay to use a tiny amount of lube on the rim of the cup (or the vaginal opening) to help smooth insertion? Or would that affect the seal? I know I sometimes slick up tampon applicators, but the cotton absorbs it.

Tags: insertion, lubricant, meluna

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