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GREAT Success!

 So I posted a little while back about how i was eager to try my new cups that i was *patiently* waiting to arrive in the mail.  I had some questions about cramping, urinating, storage and so on.... 

 Anyhow, while out of town with my boyfriend for the three day weekend (of course!) aunt flow decided to hang out with us.  This trip was the FIRST time i got to use my cup!  Now, i ordered a fleurcup and a soft meluna both of which i did an experimental dry run....i absolutely freaking LOVE my fleurcup!!!  Soft meluna...not so much.  During the dry run i never was able to get it to pop open and thus, didnt wanna risk it during the real deal. But the Fleurcup works like a dream.  Today is my second day using it, and ive experienced NO leakage whatsoever(not even throughout the night!)  AND no discomfort...aside from my usual cramping, of course.  I DID make a second order for a meluna klassik, so hopefully that one works out.  If not, no biggie.  I found love in a fleurcup, and will NEVER go back to tampons!
Tags: brand comparisons, fleurcup, meluna - soft, success stories
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