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Tampon Video By Lunette

Sorry for posting again so soon, but...   Has anyone else seen this yet?  Its a video Lunette made about tampons.  They put 3 different kinds of tampons in clear glasses of water to show what happens to the fibers up inside us...  Its so yucky, because you can really see all the little fibers falling apart.  Its just scary to think of that being left behind inside you...  I've heard others talking about women having pelvic infections too because those little pieces can travel up into the uterus?   Yikes.  Makes me soooo glad to be using something that doesn't leave bits and pieces behind.  I was saying on Facebook today, that even though I used to be a faithful disposable tampon user-- today, after 2 years of cup use, if I only had the choice between disposable tampons and pads, I would rather use a pad.  But of course, a cup is my first choice :)  And of course there are reusable tampons that don't do this either.  Just wish more people knew, ya know?   

Here is the video link:
Tags: health risks, tampons
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