queensneak83 (queensneak83) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Newb in need of help...

*le sigh* Today is the second day of my first period with my new Lunette Selene, and the second day of my not being able to insert it. I feel like such a dumb ass...

Anyhow, I have a uh, directional, question. I have discovered that sitting on the toilet does not work very well for me. Squatting in my shower does the trick halfway: I'm able to insert the tip of my cup a little more than halfway in. But the moment I loosen my grip (kinda inevitable after holding onto my folded cup for a long time), my cup pops open, which automatically propels it out of me because it's not all the way in.

Now my question is this: I know that I should aim toward my tailbone when I'm sitting straight up, on my toilet. But what about when I'm squatting? If you think about it, squatting automatically puts you into a semi-fetal position, what with reaching both of your hands down to the pubic area and straining your head to see. I think the reason that I'm only able to get it in halfway is because my vaginal passage is somewhat curved at this point.

*le sigh again* Is there anyone here who inserts her cup while squatting? Can you point me in the right direction (haha, pun not intended)? I hope I can work this out, otherwise I'll feel like such a failure. ; (

Tags: first time use, insertion, insertion - painful or problems

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